Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yay for summer! :)
This is going to be the most random blog post ever! It's all the stuff I'm planning and wanting to do this summer. I'm so excited :)

1) Excercise: I'm joining a gym during the week cuz I don't do half as much excercise as I should. TUT :( But by the time I go to Spain in July I'm hoping to look a bit more like this haa ;).....

Wishful thinking but I can try my best ;)

2) Eat Healthy!: I really need to eat more fruit but I think I'll take the easy way out of this and stick with smoothies instead ;) Sounds good to me :). And I'm going to be drinking LOOOAAADDSS of water cuz it's good for everything so why not :P.

3) Go hiking/camping: I wanna go with my friends! How exciting :) We're already planning it!!

4) Get a new Piercing: I already have my ears,cartilage and bellybutton done..what to get next Hmm :).....

5) Holiday! :D : I'm going to Spain for two weeks in July with my mam,dad and brother and I can't wait! :D Excitedness haha.

6)Change my hair: Not sure wether to go lighter or darker..I just know that I want lovely long hair like this....oh and I want a lovely tan like that too :)

How stunning does Lauren look here? :O Jealous :(

Well there's a short blog for all my lovely followers :)

What are your plans for summer?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Review :)

I got two new brushes recently and have fallen in love :)
One is a liquid Foundation Brush and the other is a Mineral Powder Brush.


To be honest I'd never used a brush to apply my foundation before I got this brush and I don't know how I have lived without this! I use this with my Studio Fix Fluid and it gives such a flawless application its AMAZING!

Sephora Professionel Mineral Powder Brush (45) (TOP)

This is the best brush I've ever used to apply a powder with! It gives an even, flawless application. I use this with my MAC MSF Natural.

These two brushes keep my makeup looking flawless and even all day and they're my new babies :)

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American Haul Part 1 :)

So this is the first part of my haul from America! I decided to do it in sections so I would have more posts to do since I've been very bad at updating my blog! :( I'm very sorry for neglecting this and HI to all my followers especially my new ones! I have a small but growing group of followers and I really appreciate them all!

So here's what I got off my Mam and Dad when they got back from Washington! :)

Sorry for the very crappy pics :( My camera is kinda useless but you can still se everything so its not too bad :)

1) MAC Studio Fix Fluid-NW15
2) MAC Mineralize Blush-Dainty
3) MAC Lipstick-Pink Nouveau
4) MAC MSF Natural-Medium
5) MAC 187 Brush (Excuse the dirtiness :P Had just applied my makeup before I took the pic :P)

Hope you all have a great day!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming Soon....

I'm going to be doing a 'What I Got From America Haul' next Monday :).
Cuz my Mam and Dad went over cuz my Dad's working so my Mam gets to shop alot :)
She's promised to get me MAC and OPI so I'm excited to see what I'll get so I can review them. I'm dying to try OPI nail polishes too :P So let me know what you think of OPI if you've used them before..

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


So sorry I haven't posted in ages :(
Haven't had time with school and stuff..
Awh enough of that :L Here's just a quick NOTD post :)
Sorry for the really crappy pic I was in a hurry to go out when I took it but its shows the colour okay I suppose.

The Nail Polish is by Rimmel but I can't find a name for it anywhere :( Its a pretty, summery, pinky, red colour (Like my fabulous description? Hahaha)

Promise I'll do another post soon!! :)


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