Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yay for summer! :)
This is going to be the most random blog post ever! It's all the stuff I'm planning and wanting to do this summer. I'm so excited :)

1) Excercise: I'm joining a gym during the week cuz I don't do half as much excercise as I should. TUT :( But by the time I go to Spain in July I'm hoping to look a bit more like this haa ;).....

Wishful thinking but I can try my best ;)

2) Eat Healthy!: I really need to eat more fruit but I think I'll take the easy way out of this and stick with smoothies instead ;) Sounds good to me :). And I'm going to be drinking LOOOAAADDSS of water cuz it's good for everything so why not :P.

3) Go hiking/camping: I wanna go with my friends! How exciting :) We're already planning it!!

4) Get a new Piercing: I already have my ears,cartilage and bellybutton done..what to get next Hmm :).....

5) Holiday! :D : I'm going to Spain for two weeks in July with my mam,dad and brother and I can't wait! :D Excitedness haha.

6)Change my hair: Not sure wether to go lighter or darker..I just know that I want lovely long hair like this....oh and I want a lovely tan like that too :)

How stunning does Lauren look here? :O Jealous :(

Well there's a short blog for all my lovely followers :)

What are your plans for summer?

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  1. I wish i could be more healthy but il never stick to it, especially at college where there are so many fast food places everywhere haha! Lauren is beautiful, she always looks so perfect! x

  2. Aw Im wanting a new piercing've reminded me:) and going to spain is so exciting!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! xxx

  3. Awh I'm the same Haa.I'm gonna try real hard though. It will be worth it in the end :) Yeah Lauren is really pretty! Thanks for commentin xoxo

  4. Great minds think alike Ariel! :L Yeah I love it there :) xoxo

  5. My plans for summer involve eating better and exercising more! I have no excuse because the weather is lovely already so i would enjoy a nice long walk now and then. know whats totally unfair? cheryl cole has perfect hair, teeth, skin, nails and even a gorgeous body... I'd be happy with just a couple of those =)

  6. I've posted the exact same blog idea this morning about my plans for the summer! Feel free to check it out1 :)
    I've been wanting to dye my hair blonde for ages now, even bought the pre-lightener last summer but wimped out. I was talking to my boyfriend about doing it in the two weeks my parents go away (so i'll have time to reinstate it back to its former brown glory if anything goes wrong). He doesn't want me to go blonde, just as much as I don't want him to get his eyebrow pierced lol! He says if I do it then he'll get it done - and I said the same lol xx

  7. I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  8. you're so lucky you're from dublin! i loved it there! and i'm going to spain in august for the second time. i can't wait. i'm also joining a gym. a little late for summer but better than never.

    i'm now following you!

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  9. i like the dresses they are wearing.


  10. lauren conrad is awesome! love her style...

  11. I've always liked Lauren's boho-chic look. She sported the braids and I tried pulling it off once. I have yet to perfect that look.