Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haul :)

So I went to Penneys/Primark yesterday and these are the accessories that I bought. I love Penneys for accessories and get most of mine there! :)

-First I got a lovely gold necklace with cream flowers. I got it for €2
-Then I got the earrings in the middle. They're lovely and I love big earrings so these got added to my collection. They're black around the outside with gold flower design in the middle. The best part is they were reduced to 50cent!
-I also got these earrings on the card for €2. The first pair are tiny small diamantes. The second are little black ovals with gold lining. The third are lovely heart-shaped leopard print ones.

I also picked up these pretty and colourful elasticated beady bracelets that everyone seems to wear :P They were €1.50. (Excuse my pale arm :P)

I got two sets of bangles.
-I love the golden cream ones. They were €2 for a set of 10.
-These lovely golden fuschia ones were €2 for 10 aswell.

-I got these shoes aswell but I just put them in to show one of the pairs of laces that I got from a set of three. One set is pink/orange/green floral print. The second set is pink with tiny white polka dots. The third set are shiny gold mettalic ones. €1.50 for three sets :)
-I got a big flowery hair band then for €1.50

I love all the stuff I got! :)


  1. I love the floral laces that you bought! :) xx

  2. Thank you :) Gotta love Penneys lol xox

  3. All that stuff looks really great!

    I've awarded you Sweet Blog Award!


  4. lovely haul!! i love accessories too... if I can just buy everything.. =) is Penneys/Primark like a drugstore? just curious.. =)

  5. Em not really it sells just clothes, shoes and accessories :) xox

  6. I love those little pink shoes!! xx

  7. I nominated you for a blog award! :)