Thursday, April 8, 2010

Which Would You Prefer?

Basically I have two ideas for a tutorial.
These are both hairstyles that Cheryl cole has worn.

-One is long voluminous curls, that I would use my hair extensions to demonstrate.
-The other is an up-do, without extensions. It is a messy curly updo that would work for both long and short hair.

Please let me know a.s.a.p so I can get started and post the tutorial :)
Thankyousss :)



  1. an up-do would be nice :) i'm always looking for really cute ones to do!

  2. I think an up-do, mainly because I have short hair, and am forever trying to think of ways to style it!

  3. hey gurl!! thank u so much for stoppin by & followin my blog!! i was droppin by also to let u know that I have an award waiting for u there... =) come check it out when u get the chance... thanks!!

  4. Laura xo I'll try do one a.s.a.p :) just so busy with school! xox

    @Beauty and Grace : Oh I was the same when I got it cut at first but its kind of grown longer now so its a bit easier :) xox

    @Annettee : Awh thank you so much for the award I was so excited when I found out :) Just haven't had a proper minute to fix this thing up :P I really appreciate it xox